Cycle around Lakes in Smiltene

“Cycle around Lakes in Smiltene” is a 29km long, medium level of difficulty circular cycling route, stretching mostly on good quality gravel and forest roads, but at some parts the route allows you to enjoy asphalt surface.

The route is suitable for travelers from May to October. This is a cycling route of local-significance and the Vidzeme Tourism Association, at the request made by the Smiltene District Tourism Information Centre, has marked the route with number 115. At a small segment, the cycling route overlaps with national significance cycling route “Tour de Lat Est” with marking number 6; around Smiltene the cycling route sometimes crosses or overlaps with any of tree Smiltene cycling trails of various lengths and difficulty levels, developed thanks to the great work by the Latvia State Forests.

Here you can enjoy unique relief characteristic to the region as well as witness picturesque landscape and cool down in 7 forest lakes, to get to know natural and historic heritage, locals, traditions and culture.

The cycling route stretches along several points-of-attraction in Smiltene district – Smiltene Evangelical Lutheran Church, historic Mountain Manor Complex, Lake Niedrajs and its surrounding area, lake shaped like Latvia, significant Parkalni money stone, Silva Dendrological Park, magnificent Certene Castle Mound and many less-significant nature sites.

Print-out of the map

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Route GPX file

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While taking the cycling route, you must follow markings in nature – blue signs with cycling route number 115 and direction signs (placed before turns). Furthermore, there are frequent paint markings on trees – orange, horizontal line on a white field. Usually such marking must be seen after each new turn.

There are information stands at nature and cultural historic sites giving information about the site, distance travelled and location.