Lake Teperis promenade

Poto: Kaspars Liepiņš
Lake Teper was created by damming the Abula River. The picturesque surroundings of the lake are a popular resting place for Smiltenes and city guests. Opportunity to see the promenade of Lake Teper, the dam and the floating fountain, which is illuminated at night. Well-maintained recreation areas, swimming areas and sports fields. At first, the lake was called Kalnezers, because at the bottom was Vidus Lake. The waters of the lake powered a water wheel connected to a hammer lifting shaft. Due to the large hammer, the lake was called Ēmurs. In the bankruptcy of the railway owner, it was taken over by the Estonian Tepfers. Since then, the lake bears the name of its last owner of the iron hammer – Tepfer. The lake is now known as Teperis.