Red Cross Smiltene Hospital

Foto Agnis Rainbahs

Option to visit the hospital that was built on 1903 by the Owner of the Smiltene Manor House, Prince P. Līvens who granted it to the town. The Prince himself drew the project, supervised construction works and covered all costs. The exact amount is unknown but it was one of the largest gifts Smiltene received on 20th century. Hospital was created as a surgical hospital with contemporary equipment, 25 bed places, 2 halls – for men and for women. At the same time when the hospital was built also park was created. The festive opening of the building took place on 14 September 1903. After World War I when Latvia gained independence, the state nationalized the Smiltene Manor House and hospital was given to the Red Cross. In 2003, marking the 100 years’ anniversary of the hospital, a memorial tablet was opened for the Prince Pauls Līvens. Currently a day care centre operates in the hospital, as well as social care and rehabilitation department.