Jun 24, 2024
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Discover Smiltene region!

Smiltene is a delightful little town with beautiful parks, blooming streets and low-rise buildings enveloped in flourishing gardens. Smiltene stands out with the beautiful Abuls river valley and the surrounding park. Here stands one of the oldest wooden manors in Latvia with its legendary stories about the history of Smiltene and the owner of the manor, First Paul Lieven.

On the outskirts of Smiltene you will find clear forest lakes and cycling routes that will appeal to those fond of outdoor activities. Here you can cycle, try paddle boarding, go on a boat ride, try Nordic walking or race one of the best go-kart tracks in the country, you can spend a night in a tree-top tent or go for a swim in a lake shaped like Latvia.

Smiltene region is known for the truly Latvian spirit and hospitality of the locals. In Brantu manor you can learn how to become a noble Latvian hostess and taste real Latvian cuisine, while the participants of the Folk Applied Arts Studio “Smiltene” can teach you how to spin, weave and make dowry. In the bread museum “Kukaburra” you can taste an invigorating, warm piece of rye bread, while at the birch sap plant “Birzī” you can enjoy a refreshing taste of birch sap and learn all the secrets of extracting and preparing birch sap.

Around Smiltene there are many beautiful recreation complexes for your holidays or celebrations, as well as summer camps for children. Here you can pet variety of animals and enjoy the best of rural delights. Try some wild apple cider and get a dose of vitamins from the golden sea buckthorns.

Enjoy the heat of the summer nights at wild open-air parties at Jāņukalns. Locals claim that just as the anthem of open-air parties and proms “Zemenes”, country music was born in Smiltene. Dance until the morning light with the legendary Latvian country band “Apvedceļš”  at Jāņukalns open-air stage and, when the autumn and winter cold sets in, move to the merry gatherings at Birzuļi Community Center in Mēri.

Sports lovers will enjoy the challenging cycling marathons across the sandy hills, exciting stages of motor racing, boating in the spring rapids of Abuls river, orienteering in the mighty pine forests and the winter swimming festival for those especially brave.

Welcome to Smiltene region!