Recreation Complex Silmači

Recreation complex Silmači is situated in the wonderful place near Lizdole Lake. Houses for recreation and the main house is located on the peninsula and jointly form a small village that makes this place even more charming.

Recreation complex provides various entertainment options – you can play football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, gaga ball in the sports fields, as well as engage into track-and-field activities in the stadium.

Silmači is known for various water recreation possibilities – boats, catamarans, fishing, water trampoline, as well as ride with the Merry Banana behind the motorboat. There is also a sauna with two heating rooms and an outdoor cuble.

Special offers (book in advance):

  • Organising of camps and sports events;
  • Premises for special occasions and events, conferences;
  • Possibility to order catering (accordingly to previously agreed menu);
  • Versatile sports fields, rental of the sports inventory, boats, catamarans, water attractions and rental of bikes. Skiing route in winter;
  • Bathhouse and sauna with open-air tub on the bank of the lake, Jacuzzi;
  • Open-air stage;
  • Camping and picnic places;
  • Suitable place for caravans.
  • Activities on water.