Manufacturing of the sparkling birch juice Birzī

A chance to visit the factory, taste several types of sparkling birch juice, syrup and birch juice wine.

Birch sap for Labanovski family is a popular drink already for a long time. Sap is tasty when it’s fresh, but in order to maintain its refreshing and valuable qualities, during many years family has developed new recipes. Moving away from the traditional spices, drink was supplemented with mint, which made the sap more refreshing, fresh for a long time and with a pleasant flavor.

Name BIRZĪ is given as it associates with Latvian tradition, with freshness and health you will get while drinking our juices. Birzī products are biologically certified. You can purchase all Birzī products for take-away also.

During the tour you will have a unique opportunity to visit the world’s first juicy park.