Local Lore Museum of Drusti

The Drustu Local History Museum offers five museum-pedagogical programs that are suitable, or can be adapted, for interested people of all ages.   I’m in the museum.   Purpose: to introduce the museum – with expositions, with the storage of the collection, with work in the museum, with new acquisitions in the museum’s collection. Content of lessons: familiarization with the history of Drustu Parish by visiting the museum’s expositions and collection hall. Recognizing antiques. Evaluate the importance of each thing in a person’s life.   Candle program in the museum.   Purpose: to get to know folk traditions, the life of Drustenians in the past, to learn about the variety and use of candles from ancient times to the present day.

Content of lessons: getting to know the history of candles, beliefs, solving puzzles. Candle casting. Creating an exhibition.

Price: EUR 3 – 5 pers.

Drustu Regional History Museum in the school.

Purpose: to supplement history lessons with information about developments in the parish during the period under review.

Content of the lessons: the museum employee complements the topic learned in the lessons with photos, documents and with object demonstrations.

In cooperation with the entrepreneurs of Drustu parish – tastings and exhibitions.

Purpose: to learn about business from the 20th century. until today. Making cream, butter, cottage cheese, cheese in the past and today, beekeeping products – in the past and today.

Content of the lessons: the museum staff together with the entrepreneurs of the parish introduce dairy products – making cream, curd, butter, cheese in the past and today, beekeeping tools in the past and today, the variety and offer of bishopric products. Exhibitions, tastings.

Price: EUR 1.5 – 3 pers.

The old school.

Purpose: to find out how people learned to write and know letters, how learning was done at school in the past.

Content of the lesson: the museum staff together with the visitors play out the old school, as the students learned. You will have to sit on the ground for pranks and enjoy the severity of the teacher. During the school’s history program, exhibits from the museum’s collection are shown and role plays are played.