Brantu Manor

Photo: Santa Paegle

Brantu manor,
A place where latvian culture is celebrated!
We love the Latvian people, land, language and traditions.

When visiting us you can:

  • Go on a tour of the manor while listening to a story from the time of the knights 3 EUR/pers.
  • View the sundial “Tu un Tavs laiks” (“You and your time”), there is no other sundial like this one in the world!
  • Getting strenght from the pillar “Sauļotais stabs” (“Sunlit pillar”) and the ensemble of the three special trees “Saime” (“Family”).

Enjoying foods:

  • Breakfast with pancakes 4 EUR/pers.
  • Very rich lunch 12 EUR/pers.
  • Afternoon tea with cookies 4 EUR/pers.
  • Fine dinner by the candlelight 25 EUR/pers.
  • Soup, whatever kind your heart desires, with home-baked bread with various toppings 4 EUR/pers.


  • Rye-bread beaking and tasting workshop 9 EUR/pers.
  • Cookie and cake baking workshop 9 EUR/pers.
  • Gingerbread beaking workshop with manor dwarfs 9 EUR/pers.
  • Aroma ritual 7 EUR/pers.
  • Sauna broom and scrub workshop 5 EUR/pers.