Multi-coloured Pole

It is a cultural and historical place that truly fits into the rural landscape and serves as a guide to all passers-by, as it is located at the crossroads of several roads. 7 km to the Ķeņģi-Jaunpiebalga highway, 7.3 km to the Vidzeme highway, 6 km to Launkalne and 8.6 km to the Gulbene highway.

Also in the past, during the time of the first free state of Latvia, there was a landmark here – “Raibais stabs”, on which both road signs and name signs of the surrounding houses were installed in different directions. The pole was both visually and informatively variegated, and it also got the name “Speckled Pillar”.

As there are forests all around, this place at the “Speckled Pole” was also a meeting place for hunters before the hunt, as well as a refuge for mushrooms, berries, various travelers who had strayed in the large forests.

The new “Mottled Pillar” is made as authentic as possible to the previous one. Many thanks to Sarmīte Nēgele, the author of the idea, for the restoration and improvement of such a cultural and historical place.